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When and where will Strauss Group hold its next annual shareholder meeting?
The Board of Directors sets the date of the annual meeting. The meeting is usually held during the third quarter of every year. For further information please contact our Investor Relations representative. Contact Info
How can I find out information about the company’s management and Board of Directors?
In the Corporate Governance section on our website you can find a list of board members. Board of Directors
Where can I get further information and how can I contact Strauss Group Investor Relations?
You can sign up on our website to receive all future Press Releases or contact our Investor Relations Director using the contact details in our website. Investor Relations
What is Strauss Group's fiscal year?
January to December
How do I buy or sell Strauss Group shares?
Strauss Group shares can be bought or sold through any broker that is active on the TASE.
Which analysts cover Strauss Group?
Our analysts are listed in the Analyst Coverage section of the Investor Relations page
Where are Strauss Group’s shares traded?
Our shares are traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker of STRS. Options on the company’s shares as well as bonds are also traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the tickers STEL.W1 and STEL.B1, respectively.
How can I receive a Strauss Group Annual Report?
Shareholders of record on the proxy record date will be mailed an annual report, which reviews the company's performance during the previous year. The most recent Annual and quarterly report is also available on-line in the financial part of the IR section on our website.
When did Strauss Group make its initial public offering?
Strauss Group went public in 1973.
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